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03:59 am: Ahh
Just finding time to breath and think is a gift...with two little ones it feels like there is always something on the burner...It funny how it takes 2 weeks for the mail to migrate from the mailbox, to the car, to the stairs, finally to my bedroom...where some day I'll use those ebay purchased stickers to fill my childrens scrapbooks with beautiful memories of folding laundry and searching for binkies (Arianna always knows but never wants to tell me)...I try not to put pressure on myself...I mean come on it's winter, but does a child require fresh air EVERY day?...hope not...Once i had Arianna I asked myself, "What did I do in my free time?", now that I have two...same question...but I'm honestly loving it...too quickly Arianna stopped wanting to be held ALL the time...so let the dishes pile up because Lilli needs a little hands on lovin'...A year or two, no longer seems daunting...I remember thinking with Arianna that everything would last forever, like bottles, and night feedings...and today she actually pooped in the toilet (later peed on the carpet, but who's looking?)...but pretty soon no more diapers...I'm not much of a baby person, but it turns out, they are babies for long...sorry this is random but at least I wrote it...
too everyone on my friends list, thanks for writing...it feels great to read and live a little thorough you...take care!

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